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Yksityinen uimapaviljonki, Eccleshall, Englanti

AEW Architects

Englannissa, Ecceleshallissa, yksityisomistuksessa olevan uima-allaspaviljongin ja lähellä sijaitsevan päärakennuksen sijoittelussa on käytetty erityistä harkintaa. Ympäröivä luonto ja taustalla oleva metsikkö ovat luoneet puitteet kokonaisuudelle.

The proposed site for the private swimming pool pavilion and associated leisure facilities sits within a private estate in Staffordshire.

The main house is a Grade 1 listed building that has recently been restored by the owner and is surrounded by the open land, dominated by a woodland backdrop. The pavilion and landscaping have been introduced into the historic setting while not detracting visually and spatially from the main house itself.

The proposed area for the building’s location was close to existing vegetation and the scheme is designed to openly reflect the surrounding landscape and softly cut into the incline of the sloped site. As the pavilion emerges cushioned by the surrounding trees the entrance opens out towards the immediate hard landscaped area and directly opposite the entrance to the main house.

There has been particular consideration in the choice and application of materials, allowing them to sympathetically relate to the existing surrounding environment yet encompass the modern approach taken towards this new building. The modern introduction of vertical cedar cladding mirrors the historical use on the main house and the wider context of the surrounding close woodland.

The organic shaped copper roof integrates with the surrounding landscape through its natural colour. The low-rise organic shape is designed to have minimal visual intrusion on approaching the hall by day, and become a feature by night as the copper eaves are illuminated by up-lighters that appear to make the roof float.

The fully glazed sliding/folding doors span half way round the building and open up to promote a free flow of movement and continuity, removing the physical boundary between internal and external space.

The integrated roof light (spanning 7 x 10 metres) and high-level glazing, running the perimeter of the building provides natural illumination to the pool area and continues to promote visual connections with the surrounding environment, framing the landscape at many different angles.

The modern landscaping scheme is simple with social spaces moulded out of a mixture of both hard and soft landscaping but effectively framing the swimming pool within the wider content of the site. With such a sensitive brief, the finished scheme provides a modern, intimate space set within an historic estate while being opposite a listed building of some magnitude and the swimming pool offers a piece of relaxation and tranquillity.

Specialist copper contractor - Metalex
Main contractor - Espleys & Sons



Privately owned


Rakennuksen tyyppi: 
Urheilu ja vapaa-ajan rakennukset
Käytetty kupari: 
Tavallinen kupari


Name, office: 
AEW Architects
Address & description: 
Chris Wewer, Rob Dickson, Gareth Jones Century Buildings St Marys Parsonage Manchester M3 2DF UK


Specialist copper contractor - Metalex



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