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Paul Kelley - furniture designer

Designer Paul Kelley talks about his love for copper and demonstrates his BOB System of modular copper faced cubes.



Tom Dixon at Salon Maison et Objet in Paris, January 2015

Tom Dixon spoke to us about his dream material, copper, at Maison et Objet Fair 2015 in Paris, where the British designer unveiled his new collection 'desktop accessories'. 

Copper on show at 100% Design 2014

Designers tell us why they like to work with copper and copper alloys. Paul Kelley Ltd talk about their copper block furniture, Greg Dry of Egg Designs talks about his use of brass for a chandelier and Philip Watts Design describe their use of copper alloys, and now copper, for door furniture.

Giulio Ceppi talks about the role of copper in architecture

Giulio Ceppi of Totaltool describes the project: autogrill Villoresi Est and talks about copper in modern architecture.

Pierpaolo Ricatti talks about the use of copper for the Diesel HQ project

The architect Pierpaolo Ricatti illustrates his approach to architecture and copper, describing one of his most important projectsDiesel Headquarters, with copper cladding.

Mauro Piantelli talks about the use of copper in architecture

Architect Mauro Piantelli of De8 Architetti talks about his relationship with copper and describes one of his projects: la palestra del campo di allenamento dell'Atalanta (Gym at the Atalanta training ground).

Ulla Hell of Plasma Studio talks about the role of copper in architecture

Ulla Hell of PlasmaStudio describes the copepr project Dolomitenblick.  The interview was filmed at "Trame, le forme del rame nell'arte contemporanea, design, tecnologia e architettura".

Euravenir Tower in Lille, France

LAN architects describe the design process for the copper clad Euravenir Tower


Gymnasium and Town Hall Esplanade, Chelles, France

LAN architects describe the design of the Gym in Chelles which makes use of a glass and copper double skin.


Nic Fiddian Green - sculpter in bronze

Interview by Nic Fiddian Green who creates sculptures of horses in bronze. 


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