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Uherské Hradiště hospital, Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic

Ing Arch Kateřina Harazimová

The new entrance of Uherské Hradiště hospital integrates with the emergency department built during the first phase of the modernisation programme. The new entrance was required when it became clear that the number of patients attending the hospital far exceeded the expected numbers. Completion of the adjacent intern medicine pavilion will enable the hospital to handle a further increase in number of visitors.

The main aim of the new entrance is to more easily accommodate large numbers of visitors and to help to guide them through the hospital to the different departments. Guidance is provided by the new information centre, located at the main door, which is now separated from the patients´ registration desk. Apart from information and registration points, the new entrance area hosts a pharmacy and a new refreshment area. During the summer months there is the opportunity for visitors to sit on the adjacent terrace, accessed by the side door. Rest rooms are also part of the new entrance building.

The architectural solution for the new entrance takes its cue from the existing buildings that were constructed during the first phase of the modernisation. The main pavilion has two distinct visual identities, based on function (emergency and general hospital), the new entrance contrasts with both. The rounded shapes contrast with the strict lines of the left wing and the regular order of the window grid of the right wing. A dominant portal is created by way of a curved roof over the glass facade. The overhanging roof structure creates two covered parking spaces, shielding arriving  patients from any bad weather.

The previous entrance to the building was shielded by a ‘hood’ of green-painted steel. The green colour proved to be a good contrast with the two shades of grey – the plaster and terracotta tiles of the two wings of the pavilion. It was decided that the new entrance would inherit the green colouration from the old. Due to the design of the curved roof shape, and the overhang, it was obvious that only a metal solution was possible. As a result, pre-patinated copper was the chosen material. Continuous horizontal seams, parallel with the incline of the roof, were used. Silver coloured aluminium and white plaster complete the new entrance building.



Zlín region
Completion date: 
Czech Republic
Zip code: 
686 68
Uherské Hradiště
Jana Evangelisty Purkyně 365


Facades/Part seams
Type of building: 
Health and social care
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
Ing Arch Kateřina Harazimová, GG Archico,

Copper contractors

Klempos Střechy, Březolupy

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