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Tin smelter, Hamburg, Germany

LRW Architekten

The tin smelter, as part of the former New York-based Hamburger Gummi-Waaren Compagnie, was built around 1876, and rebuilt several times for different uses, including as a cultural center with a wide-ranging event program.

In the course of the renewal concept for the redevelopment area Barmbek-Nord S1, Fuhlsbüttlerstraße, the new town development of the Museumshof was decided. It was decided that the tin smelter should be rebuilt and expanded by the addition of a new building in order to expand the cultural space and create a further meeting place in the district. To this end, a highly competitive competition was held in 2010 (1st prize: LRW).

The existing building of the tin smelter was extended by a new building. The new building follows the cubic structure of the old building, but interprets it anew. The existing, listed brick building of the tin smelter now contrasted with a new building clad with dark brown copper. The metal draws as a cover over the roof and the façade of the new building and fits into the industrial character of the former factory premises.

A glass intermediate building connects the two buildings to a harmonious overall structure. The transparency of the intermediate structure makes it possible to read both building parts as independent building elements. Furthermore, the glass link building allows for views and links between the northern and southern courtyard areas and is the central development element of the new building ensemble.

Due to the expansion of the cultural facility "Tin SmMelter", the existing building was fundamentally rebuilt and spatially reorganized. The heart of the new building is a multi-functional hall with about 150 seats in the lower floor of the building, which is accessed from the courtyard by a large free-standing staircase. The connecting building houses different foyers and exhibition areas. On the upper floor of the old building there is still a theater hall, which was supplemented by a rehearsal room in the new building.



Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Bezirksamt Nord


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LRW Architekten und Stadtplaner LOOSEN|RÜSCHOFF|WINKLER

Copper contractors

Hermann Bade GmbH & Co KG



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