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Sports Centre of Aretxabaleta, Spain

ACBA arquitectos

The new sports centre is placed on the site of the old sports center, located at in the town of Aretxabaleta.  It is located adjacent to an elongated urban park  along  the river extends along the southern front of the town. It has a rectangular shape, the base (slightly longer than the height) is arranged along the base of the slope on which the complex is located.

The new sports center Aretxabaleta building is conceived as an evolution of existing equipment which involves a complete renewal. Keeps your site location, layout perpendicular to the line of maximum slope staggered distribution, even their orientation. But increases the occupation area, height, and therefore its volume. Therefore, it is necessary to "fix" the set based on two bodies, in order not to alter the scale and ensuring the smooth transition to the rest of the nearby buildings. A pair of prisms that besides obeying a sort of program a resounding articulate the image of the new sports complex.

In this way, and on a large plinth that supposed to be the first prism seated on the sloping terrain emerges, as if supported, a second much lighter body. The displacement between the two bodies should not coincident in horizontal projection, the idea of ​​overlap increases allowing a formal autonomy identifies independently. So the first force manifests resistive element that supports the rest of the performance. Both the material and the outer texture of it operate in the same direction, allowing cracks and notches point as if it were a rock. The upper body leans towards the urban, flying over the old on the northern front. This lightweight gesture increases its material quality, light, bright, reflective, and more abstract. Appearing as a lantern suspended from his vantage point that overlooks the entire valley.

This process dematerialize the building making it more transparent as tall wins justified, along with limited available land area to accommodate such a large program, the location of water facilities on the upper level. Fact supported by the location of the sun on the deck of the arena, facing the best direction, and immediate continuity with the beaches of the pools.

The copper skin enveloping the lower volume facades, are formed by the rhythmic arrangement of vertical trays lined with classic copper sheets. These trays are hung from a lacquered steel substructure made of hollow 110.6 horizontal layout. The trays in 10.62 m long. and 6.28 m. and 500mm and 230mm widths. are built in a workshop, feature a core 50mm front panel. thick as a support coated with copper sheet 0.5mm. Placing the trays are arranged through rhythmic drive due to the combination of the two tray widths and the space or gap between the two, Giving the façade a high degree of vibration. The chosen material allows in natural oxidation process, to the reddish-brown hue not without vibration, establish a chromatic filling the hillside on which it sits. Emphasizing its character.



Completion date: 


Type of building: 
Sport, relaxation facilities
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
ACBA arquitectos
Address & description: 
c/ Mundaiz No 8 1San SebastianGipuzkoa 20012Spain



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