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Re-modelling and extension to a private dwelling, Kraków, Poland



A house from the 1960s, characteristic for the era, becomes a residence goal for future inhabitants, who used to spend their youth here as guests and who are particularly attached to the spot. They want to spend the coming years of their lives here. The original house was remodelled in the 1990s, and its new form is very much detached from good taste and memories of the past.

So an attempt has been made to look again at the potential and apparent value of the already historical material substance and to introduce solutions underscoring its features and the place’s characteristic values, anchored in the architecture of the past. Its chief attribute is the cubic form of the building, wrapped in a stone and ceramic structure with a very characteristic line. The slightly slanting walls make the form appear more dynamic from a shorter perspective, while at the same time delicately  writing it into the garden’s picturesque landscape and the tree stand of the neighbouring plots.
The walls of the elevator in the corridor were covered with a copper classical net.

Key decisions are made. The house is brought back to the vision of a two-storey building topped with a massive roof. The roof and walls upstairs are all designed in the same, unique material, i.e. patinated copper. The window openings perforate the new wall, following a rhythm resulting from the practical functions of the building’s interior. In order to avoid the hipped roof form, following a square shape and matching the existing building’s plan, the top part of the roof planes was cut off and a centrally located terrace was introduced on the resulting plan, allowing daylight to enter inside the house and its residents to see the sky from the second storey rooms.

The building’s tectonics were adjusted to the existing physical structure of ceilings and main wall divisions, only introducing the necessary modifications in the scope of standards and room proportions.

New functional elements linked to the building’s usable programme are the winter garden and garage. The winter garden is weaved into the existing stone pillars order, supporting the current pergola. Its full roof is shifted away from the house wall, allowing to introduce a “glass” connector between the day room and the veranda, and letting more sunlight inside this main room, the house’s “heart”.  The garage structure has also been shifted away from the main house form while at the same time becoming linked to it by means of a glass vestibule – strongly marking the main entrance to the house and the transition between the “old” and the “new”.

Wizja sp. z o.o.
Stanisław Deńko, architect
Agnieszka Ciuła, architect
Robert Ciuła, architect

interior designer:
Małgorzata Deńko, architect

usable area: 262 m2



Completion date: 


Facades/Part seams
Half round gutter
Transparent structures
Type of building: 
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
Wizja Sp. z o.o.
Address & description: 
ul. Wróblewskiego 3 31-148 Kraków

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