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Rákosmente Restaurant and Office, Hungary

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Zoltán Berzsák, 4plus Architect Studio Ltd

The most eastern, at the same time the most populated, district of Budapest was established during the socialist era with the artificial union of settlements along Rákos creek. In the eighties, more than 1000 farmhouses and civil residential buildings were demolished in order to erect approximately 8000 flats. The former historic settlement-center fell victim to this drastic ‘transformation’.

Recently, the municipality of Rákosmente has prepared a new strategy that aims to develop an up-to-date, modern suburb on the long run. For this goal, serious intellectual and financial sources were activated, tenders were prepared and won.

The first stage of the development is the creation of the missing city center. At the site of the former bus station – with the reorganisation of the road junction – a new one will be constructed. Opposite it, on the other side of the main road the re-arrangement of the mayor's office also intends to expand the spaces of social life. One of the most important elements of this invention is the multi-functional building, which – though it is the extension of the mayor's office – intends to react to its heterogeneous environment and at the same time keep its independence.

The new building part makes up a transition between the spare mass of the mayor's office standing in line with the main road and the park of the nearby Fuchs castle. From the direction of the road, the protruded building shells, which follow the section of the office house, form frames that are loosening out of the closeness and they quote the irregularity of tree trunks. The complete surface of the building opens up towards the park; and finally the park and the house are fused among the kept trees.

We tried to find a material that can express the object-like character of the building the best. So in the end we chose copper since it is a natural, living material which is always changing by time, getting matured like the vegetation of the environment, at the same time it is high-tech and creates an obvious, harmonious relation with the architecture of the building.

The building, standing at an accentuated place, aims to become a symbol of the new way of thinking which determines the future of the very city part. 



Municipality of Rákosmente - Budapest XVII District
Completion date: 
165 Pesti Str


Type of building: 
Office buildings
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
4Plus Architect Studio Ltd
Address & description: 
H-1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla u. 79, Hungary

Copper contractors

Szolnok “KAS” Insulation Technology Ltd.
Address & description: 
5000 Szolnok, Pálfy János Street 20, Hungary



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