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New Town Hall, Police and Cultural Center, Spain

Garcia Rodriguez Alcoba OA SLP

The current town plan aims to bring several basic facilities together around the perimeter of a future square that will shape an important civic meeting place in Berriozar. The location of the new Town Hall and the Cultural Centre in this public space requires a symbiotic relationship between the two.

The building configures the public square and in exchange, ensures its prominence. As well as installing an administrative facility on the site, it creates the major exponent of the town's social, cultural and political life. It is therefore conceived as a single, forthright volume, a building that folds back onto itself, defining voids and volumes, both inside and outside. Its L shape facilitates the formation of an antechamber to Calle Etxaburu, an entrance to the Cultural Centre and the Municipal Police office, as well as a large town square in which the Town Hall is the outstanding feature.

One section containing the mayoral balcony rises in a tower-like formation, occupying the centre of the square although its height blends with the surrounding buildings. The building materials also strive to emphasize the symbolic nature of the new volume. A pre-oxidised copper volume has been created with an appearance that seems powerful but at the same time light. This abstract, timeless sculptural piece has been shaped to meet the city's urban and functional requirements. The copper bestows the building with the necessary representative role. Inside, the white walls and floors capture the light and maintain its overall abstract nature, allowing some of the main rooms to be highlighted, intensifying them with timber panelling.

The formal structure consists of a continuous vertical and horizontal prism that configures the different areas. The vertical fold, formalized by the tower, and the horizontal fold, where the town hall services and the cultural centre are located, are articulated via several voids that interconnect the different areas, permitting their use as exhibition areas, waiting rooms and halls for public meetings. These voids are completed with a set of courtyards on the first floor, which feed light and ventilation into the rooms while at the same time serving as areas for rest and relaxation.

From a functional perspective, our strategy is to provide the building with open, multi-purpose spaces, avoiding duplication and minimizing the circulation spaces. This strict, well-structured program has the necessary flexibility to adapt to future changes in the course of its lifetime.



Berriozar City Council, Navarra, Spain
Completion date: 


Type of building: 
Public square, park
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
Garcia Rodriguez Alcoba OA SLP
Address & description: 
C/Peru 4, Planta 1a, Oficina 3, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain 28290

Copper contractors

Tesico S L



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New Town Hall, Police and Cultural Center, Berriozar, Spain

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