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Music hall Thannhausen, Germany

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hiendl_schineis architekten

The idea was to turn a musician’s home into a music school and to add a new rehearsal hall for Musikverein Thannhausen, a well-known brass band orchestra. The tight budget (300,000 Euros) and the acoustic requirements played a large part in the design of the structure and shell of the building.

The new rehearsal room needed to be in proportion with, and connected to, the existing building using appropriate materials, in this case timber. Off-site factory manufacture was used for the glued laminate boards that were joined together on-site.

Internally the boards are left exposed, the open and untreated structure of the sanded wood is also advantageous for the acoustics. The outer shell is copper clad, and the walls follow a zig-zag pattern along their length. Openings are created at either end of the building through the use of a small panel on the west facade and a large panel of the east facade. The wood-glass façade is composed of different size panes of glass by means of a strong emphasis on glazing bars, these in turn also help to break up the impinging sound.

The copper

The roof area, which is divided into ten sub-areas, was designed in double standing seam technology. Contrary to the usual practice, the connecting seams were arranged parallel to the respective roof shingle and ridge ends. The seams were additionally made with sealing tapes and transferred to the respective facade connections.

The desired facade cladding which has no transverse or longitudinal folds is implemented with a specially designed cartridge system. Trapezoidal profiles 30/220 / 0.75, which are reinforced at the longitudinal sides by additional holding plates, serve as support plates. The copper bands, with a maximum width of 77 cm and a maximum length of 562 cm, are affixed to the carrier plates with Enkolit glue.

The base is adapted to the individual slopes of the folding unit and perforated at the lowest points in order to allow rainwater and any condensation to drain away.

At the upper edges of the facades, the roof panels are rounded with a corresponding overhang and additionally reinforced with 2 mm thick Va-z profiles. All longitudinal joints are laid with corner and connecting profiles, the profiles are adapted to the inside and outside corners. The distance between the elements is a maximum of 5 mm.

The facade cassettes are attached to the wooden substructure by several hanging profiles per cassette and are folded into the corresponding profiles at the base and upper end.

The large-area copper profiles of the end face cladding are glued directly onto the wooden structure, since the design required mounting points to remain invisible as far as possible.



Musikvereinigung seit 1749 Thannhausen e.V.
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Name, office: 
hiendl_schineis architekten
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Imhofstr.12 86159 Augsburg

Copper contractors

W. Nusser GmbH, Metall- und Blechbearbeitungen
Address & description: 
Piechlerstr. 6, 86356 Neusäss

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