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Montevergine Sanctuary, Mercogliano, Avellino, Italy

Arch Luigi Picone

Detailed Plan for the Conservative Restoration, Renovation and Enhancement of the Historical, Cultural and Natural Heritage Site at the Montevergine Sanctuary, Mercogliano, Avellino, Italy. In February 2013, the conservative restoration project for the historical Montevergine Sanctuary was awarded to architect Luigi Picone, and thereupon approved by the Superintendence of Salerno and Avellino and by the Municipality of Mercogliano,  (Av). In 2015, the works were contracted out to A.I.T. Salvatore Ronga s.r.l. by the Partenio Regional Park Authority.

Among the tasks to be carried out was the replacement of 10,000.00 m2 of roofing, consisting of metal sheeting which had been partially lifted by the wind and bent out of shape by the weight of snow. It was deemed appropriate to install a new protective covering, to be laid on top of the various existing wooden, iron and reinforced concrete boards, trusses and beams.

The machine-rolled sections of copper sheeting were to be double-crimped onto a supporting chestnut-wooden fascia board with an automatic crimping-machine and / or special clamping pliers. The sections of copper sheeting, with net interaxial distance of about 60 cm., were joined together with special steel plates and brass screws. The number of joints was calculated in accordance with UNI10372 regulations, bearing in mind the strong winds experienced in the area.

In addition, the attachment of all items on the exterior side of the copper roofing, such as safety-lines and snow-catchers , were designed with the crimp-fastened roofing in mind, to avoid tearing holes in the sheeting.

The copper snow-catchers were anchored transversely with respect to the slope, to prevent large amounts of snow and ice from cascading down.

To avoid friction - and to guarantee perfect “floatation” - between the copper sheeting and the underlying wooden boards, a non-rigid membrane  was applied directly to the boards, consisting of a non-woven geotextile fabric.
A copper rainwater gutter was built into the roof at about 25.00 cm from the edge of the overhang.  
The lightning protection system was compliant with the requirements of Italian Law 37/2008 and subsequent amendments, and CEI 81-10. The system, designed in accordance with Faraday’s Cage criteria, uses the whole copper sheet covering to capture lightning, in addition to the rainwater down pipes which were opportunely modified by the addition of 6.00 cm copper piping. On each downpipe, a junction box was installed near the connection to each lightning dissipator, thereby allowing the system to be checked and tested.

During the works, managed with due diligence by Arch Luigi Picone together with architects Amerigo Calvanese, Maria Gabriella Errico and Francesca De Marinis, the project incorporated further details relating to construction and operational issues that came up periodically and which were settled on a case-by-case basis.

The works, which had started in February 2015, were completed in September 2106 when the site was handed back to the Benedictine Community of Montevergine.




Comunita Benedettina di Montevergine
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Half round gutter
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Churches, religious
National monuments
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Studio Arch Luigi PIcone
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via Nevio 26 Napoli 80122 Italy

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Fumagalli Maurilio



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