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The Lodge, Udine, Italy

Designers UPPERCUT describe the reasoning behind their crisp, minimalist design of golden copper alloy ‘pods’ apparently floating above the undulating landscape of a golf course near Udine, Northern Italy.

‘Gold’ is how we describe The Lodge, a complex of four buildings, surrounded by greenery and protected to the north by mountains. The Lodge is located near the Natural Oasis of Quadris, home to the reintroduction of the White Stork and protection of the Hermit Ibis.

The four buildings sit on slightly sloping terrain within the Udine Golf Club, staggered and oriented east to west. They are all equal in shape and size, and consist of two floors: the upper volume overhanging the lower, providing shelter for the patio below. Each building comprises 2 apartments with independent entrances. To meet the needs of the Golf Club guests, internal layouts can easily adapt to different accommodation needs, ranging from single guests to large groups of up to eight people.

The lower volume, with its ebony black finish, contrasts strongly with the upper – an apparently suspended, precious, golden copper alloy box. We chose this copper alloy (with zinc and aluminium) as elegant and sophisticated – attractive for tourists and golfers alike. Surprisingly, gold is one of the colours more suited to a dialogue with nature all year round: with autumn reds, spring blooms and soft winter light. The golden copper alloy also remains stable over time and is also completely maintenance free.


We conceived The Lodge always thinking about minimizing environmental impact, particularly through a careful choice of building materials considering recyclability criteria, which copper easily meets, and advanced energy saving techniques. Steel framed structural systems were custom-designed and pre-fabricated with the aim of minimising construction time – which actually amounted to just 9 months. The efficient design process involved a BIM platform with open collaboration between professionals.

Particular care has been paid to the study of all structural junctions to ensure homogeneity and continuity of insulation, eliminating all possible thermal bridges. The result is a building with high performance both during the winter, with low dispersion, and summer, thanks to the ventilated copper alloy façade and high thermal inertia. The entire system operates using only electrical power supply and avoids the use of fossil fuels.



Amil srl
Completion date: 
Zip code: 
Fagagna (UD)
via dei Faggi 1


Facades/Part seams
Type of building: 
Sport, relaxation facilities
Hotels, accommodation
Copper used: 
Golden alloy


Name, office: 
Uppercut Ingg.Filippo Burelli Giacomo Borta
Address & description: 
Via Umberto I, n.80 33034 Fagagna (Udine) Italia

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