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Hotel Warszawa (Prudential), Warszawa, Poland


The Prudential is a symbolic building of Warsaw and its environment. On one side, a splendid history of architectural and engineering design, a predominant feature of the pre-war capital and, on the other, a tragic and heroic episode of the Warsaw Uprising, a silent witness of the post-war rebuilding and development of the town in the ‘socialist realism’ style, followed by a progressive deterioration.


Hotel Warszawa – the design concept

The central idea of the design was the return to the modernistic original with its simplicity and austere tectonics. With this intention, the steel tower structure was preserved as a relic of the era; facades, and particularly the frontage, were restored and internal wings were reconstructed within their historic footprint. The main entrance was relocated to the street level, due to the Warsaw Insurgent's Square new development plan, in order to improve the building accessibility.

Hotel Warszawa – a short history

Building No 9 in the Warsaw Insurgent's Square dates back to the interwar period. Designed by Marcin Weinfeld and Stefan Bryła, it was erected in 1934 for the Prudential Insurance Association. At the time of its commissioning, this 17-storey high-rise was the tallest building in Poland and the second tallest in Europe. Regrettably, during the Warsaw Uprising it suffered severe damages.

In 1950–1953 it was converted into an hotel. In 2010 its refurbishment according to a Bulanda Mucha design was commenced. Hotel Warszawa was opened in November 2018.

Hotel Warszawa in its new shape

The best Warsaw hotels may envy the splendour of the Hotel Warszawa interior furnishing. The hotel comprises 142 rooms, differing from each other in their individual arrangement.

Interiors are finished with high-quality materials, including stone, steel, copper and glass. Combined with subtle wooden finishing, they create a sense of unprecedented elegance and luxury. The original concrete structural ceilings can be seen in the restored building. Hotel guests may enjoy the spa facilities, with a swimming pool and fitness area, two restaurants and three conference rooms. The hotel usable area after the extension is 13,633m².

Detailed engineering design and interior design plans were prepared by architects: Michał and Grażyna Grzybek of the architecture studio "Pracownia Architektoniczna GBK" in collaboration with architects of other architecture studios: Marcin Stępniewski-Janowski – Design and Analyses Office "Archikon", Przemysław Kramarz (przemekramarz.com), Juan Zardini and Joanna Wichłacz.



Rodzina Likusów
Completion date: 
Zip code: 
Plac Powstanców Warszawy 9


Lift doors
Type of building: 
Hotels, accommodation
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
Bulanda, Mucha Architekci - Projekt budowlany
Address & description: 
ul. Lipińska 4 01-833 Warszawa
Name, office: 
Autorska Pracownia Architektoniczna GBK - Projekty wykonawczy oraz projekt wnętrz
Address & description: 
ul. Dąbska 18N/9 31-572 Kraków

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