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Design Office Building Trinité with Classic Copper Mesh

Hans van Nieuwkoop

The office of Trinité Automation Uithoorn (NL) dates from 1977 and was once an office for a construction company built as a practical but inconspicuous building.

The client wanted the building to adapt to the standards of this period, with higher energy requirements and new designed offices and speaking areas.  Trinité as a rapidly growing company, also needed more office space.

Trinité Automation is an innovative company and they liked to express that in the design of the expansion and renovation of the office.

Architektenburo TEN HOVE got the challenging task to transform an obsolete office building to a modern building with a contemporary look.

The property could be enhanced by extending the front of the building and placing an extra floor to the building.

On the additional floor is created a multipurpose room, where presentations can be held for a group of 50 people.  There is also a canteen and there are some speaking areas located on this floor.

By designing a sloping roof we created a large space with a high ceiling.  In this space seminars can be held.  The sloping roof also provides additional space and extra quality in the canteen.

In the facade, the additional floor is designed as a box with its own form that extends the existing building.  Therefore, the additional floor did not become a separate layer on top of an existing building, but it is a key part of the whole facade.  By coating the facade with classic Copper Mesh , it is possible to put this material for window frames.  Because of the absence of visible windows in the facade, the explicit shape of the extra floor is more pronounced.

By using this material it gives the building an entirely new look and striking appearance.  We deliberately chose copper, where the colour of the material over time naturally changes and therefore indicates the age of the building.

The facade is made of copper plates in the form of equilateral triangles.  A triangle has an advantage over a rectangle of this height because of the construction is sufficiently rigid so that no additional reinforcement midway need to be applied.

The height of the triangle is equal to the height of a window frame.  The copper is fastened through copper omega profiles on a wooden substructure.  Both the wooden structure and the copper cladding are also located in front of the windows.  Seen from the outside facade is closed, seen from inside the copper provides little impediment to the view outside.

The windows behind the copper are inward opening and can be cleaned from inside.

By applying copper mesh it became possible to transform an existing inconspicuous office building into a building with an exceptional, contemporary and innovative character



Completion date: 
Zip code: 
1422 AK
Zodde 4 Postbus 1103


Transparent structures
Type of building: 
Office buildings
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Name, office: 
Architektenburo Ten Hove
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Zodde 4 WilnisPostbus 11033640 BC MijdrechtNederland+31 297 27 20 10www.watervilla-online.nl

Copper contractors

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Vetkamp Soest bv Birkstraat 129 3768 HE SOEST NEDERLAND Copper used: TECU Classic Mesh

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