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Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark

Gunnar Soerensen

Over quite a few years, extensive renovations and modifications have been performed at the Copenhagen Central Station which is now 100 years old. The platforms have been extended to continue underneath the station and the roof has been replaced, among other things. Copper in particular has been a recurring material which has both been used and reused as decoration on the new platform extensions.

The overall artistic idea was to decorate the walls surrounding the platform extensions and the final platform gable ends in order to visually define and extend the space. A recurring colour in the platform decoration is light green which is quite close to the colour of the old oxidised copper sheets on the roof. When the roofs and towers of the station building were renovated at the same time using new slate and new flashings, friezes, spires and oriels in copper, it seemed natural to use the original copper sheets from the roof in the decoration of the platforms, thus tying the new to the old.

However, after thorough consideration, the artist decided to use the reverse side of the old copper sheets to cover one gable end. The reverse sides still had the characteristic dark brown character of the copper, but it was heavily patinated and had a variety of oxidised stripes, splodges and colour nuances. Slits were made in the copper panel and these were fitted with computer-controlled RGB LED lights which change colour slowly using the whole spectrum in a calm and continuous cadence lasting 15 minutes. A special dynamic effect is created in the interplay between the various elements and lights, reflecting the unique nature and character of the entire railway.

Two long panels measuring about 50 metres each were fitted on to the walls which consisted of a composition of glass together with corrugated and perforated plates in different sizes, colours and finishes referring to the location. On to these panels, different figures were subsequently applied as significant elements. These artistic figures were winding shapes in thin crumpled copper sheets. In addition, independent relief work also in crumpled copper was fitted in a separate area.

The overall decoration may only be experienced in small sections at a time and these are connected via the recurring materials: the crumpled copper figures, the independent relief work and not least the large reused copper gable ends – these are the most important elements unifying the decoration.

Artist -  Anita Joergensen



Completion date: 


Roof parts/dormer
Type of building: 
Transportation, infrastructure
Copper used: 
Golden alloy


Name, office: 
Public Arkitekter A/S
Address & description: 
Kalvebod Brygge 32, 5th Floor, DK 1560 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Copper contractors

Anita Joergensen - Artist



Solvggade 40, Copenhagen, Denmark

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