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Conkwell Pod, Bath, UK

Matt Vaudin, Stonewood Design

The brief for the Pod was to accommodate a small and discreet space for the residents of Myrtle Cottage, in the small woodland hamlet of Conkwell, on the outskirts of Bath. Conkwell historically housed the workers from the local stone quarries in the area.

The Pod serves as space to work, to sew,  to play guitar,  to sleep, or as a hide to observe the woodland wildlife. 

When commencing the design process, the key driver to achieving the brief was to create a design which worked seamlessly with the natural forms and levels of the garden, in order that an architecture is created which is less of a building, and more of a landscape.

Between architect and client, concepts were discussed such as creating a “ha-ha”, or natural forms of shelter on the site. 

The intensive planted roof disappears into the flora of its surroundings. The walls become stone garden walls which retain the undulating level changes on the site.

Windows are located at key locations, to maximise views. Certain views are framed - to particular trees, or to the American Museum across the valley. The pod is clad in pre-patinated copper to blend with the natural colours of the landscape.

Internally soft, crafted materials line the surfaces, as elements of furniture. An oak lined storage wall incorporates a sofa bed, a wood burner, and cupboards.

Behind the oak wall a wet-room is lined in copper, and incorporates bespoke concrete sanitaryware.

A sprinkling of woodland light is cast onto the internal surfaces with the Pod, from discreet rooflights above. These also frame high level views of the trees overhead.

The project was completed in Spring 2014, and has been accepted by the local deer community, who have been spotted wandering over and around the Pod - a testament to the concept.



Completion date: 
United Kingdom


Type of building: 
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
Stonewood Design
Address & description: 
The Stonewood Office West Yatton Lane Castle Combe Wiltshire SN14 7EY



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