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Bronze House (Sawbridgeworth), UK

Burrell Architects Ltd

A 1930’s bungalow, was demolished to make way for a bespoke 5 bed-roomed, 4 bath-roomed sustainably resourced bronze clad house. Burrell Architects worked with CABE and Inspire East and put the scheme through a public review that usually only takes place for large multi unit housing developments. The scheme was unanimously and supported by the design review and following negotiation with the local planners the scheme was approved in 8 weeks under delegated powers.

Burrell Architects thoroughly researched the area in order to ensure the proposal fitted with the character of the street and its surroundings whilst at the same time illustrating how modern architecture can integrate and enhance the existing context. This was achieved by maintaining the pitched roofed continuity of the other properties in the area and by keeping the entrance central to the house. The original property was the oldest on the street yet compared to the other buildings (which were all two stories high), looked somewhat out of place. The new build was raised to two stories in order to match the continuity of the ridge and eve lines of the other properties. But what differentiates the house to the rest is its unique and bespoke use of materials, techniques, designs and layout.

The 6,500 sq ft house is designed to include two wings with a large central atrium, opening up onto a considerable sized landscape garden. The central reception area operates as the main focus of the house with a large black curtain walling, which allows for natural light to enter the property. The house was designed to utilise natural light as much as possible and was designed to have one wing offset at an angle to allow the movement of the sun to be captured at all times of the day. With this in mind, the back walling also served as a heat source by capturing the natural heat of the sun thus reducing the client’s need for mechanical heating and maximising solar gain. The entire house has under floor heating with a ventilation stack implemented in order to prevent over heating of the property.

Every detail has been carefully considered in order to create a viewing spectacular from every angle within the property. Burrell Architects have controlled and directed the views from the property by considering every element to be featured as an art piece.



Richard Carr
Completion date: 
United Kingdom


Type of building: 
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
Burrell Architects Ltd
Address & description: 
BCA London7A Lamb's Conduit PassageLondonWC1R 4RG



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