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Bemuurde weerd Utrecht

Ronald Willemsen, directeur/architect

The new building complex (‘Bemuurde Weerd OZ’) within the Gruttersdijk in Utrecht consists of office space plus 6 apartments.

The office part of the development has been linked with a Rijksmonument and has entrances to the front (Bemuurde Weerd) and to the rear (Gruttersdijk), where access is by a gateway.

Given the location of the new building, (the close proximity of the Rijksmonument), the municipality of Welstand, the building owner (Duidelijke Monumenten BV), the occupiers (van Grafhorst Notaries) and the architect all agreed that the building should radiate distinction.

Other buildings in the location are made solely of stone, so to distinguish the new building, the architects were allowed to select another material for the facade.

Dutch architecture has not yet taken full advantage of the benefits of copper and copper alloys for facades and roofs, Utrecht in particular has very few ‘copper’ buildings.

Asnova architects have a great deal of experience in using zinc for facades on offices and apartments blocks but for this project they wanted a material that appeared more ‘luxurious’.  The architects were impressed with examples of copper clad buildings from around Europe, making the decision to use copper fo this project an easy one.  The fixed vertical partitioning and the ‘hidden’ window frames make the building appear a little severe but the natural copper gives the building a ‘living’ feel.

The architects found detailing of the copper work easy, neat joints can be made around window frames, doorsteps and balconies.

The use of flat copper sheet for the staircase facade and the balconies gives the building a big visual lift.  When viewed during the day, but especially at night,, the building offers a series of very interesting visuals.





Type of building: 
Office buildings
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ASNOVA Architects
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Architectuur, Restauratie, Interieurarchitectuur, Ontwikkeling2e Korte Baanstraat 73581 BZ UTRECHTNederlandTel +31 30 240 04 46ruben@asnova.nl

Copper contractors

Jeroen Traa
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Gooikensdam 34 4905 BN Oosterhout (Breda) Nederland Tel +31 162 426551 info@traa-dakspecialist.nl

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