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Aranjuez Sports Hall, Spain

Jose Gomez Hernandez, Cava Arquitectos SLP

Inside the new Sports Centre of Aranjuez this sports hall is the most representative building of the whole compound because it is ideally situated in the complex centre and due to its resounding appearance. The hall comprises a multi-purpose court which is equipped for basketball, football and volleyball. The building also includes a gym, changing rooms, offices and other auxiliary spaces. It has a capacity of 1.245 spectators.

The facades of the sports hall have a copper finish which are made up of several layers: enclosure with prefabricated concrete panels, ventilation and maintenance room, translucent and coloured polyester sheets, and the last outer layer is a coating with a deployé sheet of patinated copper.

What is remarkable is that copper has been chosen because is a healthy metal, since ancient times this metal was used to make tools, cooking utensils, pipes, etc.  I would highlight that copper can be easily recycled as it is not necessary to add any protective material, nevertheless, these products are needed in other kind of metals.

Due to the angle of the perforations in this copper sheet, depend on the place that the hall is observed the characteristic turquoise color of the patinated copper are visible, as we progressively walk , the coloured polyester sheets that are behind begin to appear.

This facade also shows different chromatic shades during the day and night because of this singular composition.

The big hollow of the large window, which is opened in the North facade to illuminate the hall, obviously have not got any concrete sheet and there is not coloured polyester, only the copper deployé layer remains to diffuse slightly the natural light of the North.

On other hand, in the blind sides, the compound enclosure provides visual qualities, besides it acts as a cavity-wall facade decreasing considerably the thermal gains.

In the East facade there is a 5,65 metres spacing between the enclosure and the copper layer that constitutes a transition space within the outside and the inside which lead to the common lobby access to the sports hall and to the swimming pool. 



Sociedad Local de Suelo y Vivienda de Aranjuez, Savia
Completion date: 


Type of building: 
Sport, relaxation facilities
Copper used: 


Name, office: 
Cava Arquitectos SLP
Address & description: 
c/- Canovas del Castillo, 2, 1A Totana, Murcia, Spain

Copper contractors

Vicente Escolano SL - KME
Address & description: 
Pol. Ind. Santa Fe, C/ Camagüey, 1, 03660 NOVELDA, Alicante, Spain



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