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Copper is integral to a building's performance, delivering beauty, design flexibility, colour, protection, longevity and inspiration. The CopperConcept App features a regularly updated collection of contemporary European architecture featuring copper and its alloys and will be a natural starting point for designers seeking inspiration about the wider use of copper in architecture.

Reference buildings are illustrated by inspirational pictures, architectural description of buildings and accompanied by all important building data.

If you plan a visit to see a building city maps show you the location.

Also included are winning and shortlisted buildings of the biennial European Copper in Architecture Awards which recognise excellence in design for European projects incorporating copper roofing, cladding or other architectural elements.

The CopperConcept App also incorporates e-versions of Copper Architecture Forum magazine which is published twice a year . The printed magazine is distributed in 13 languages throughout Europe. See our electronic repository of the magazine and if you like it- subscribe for the printed version.

You will also find articles on the use of copper in architecture on sustainability, environmental, architectural features and other interesting subjects.

The App gives you an easy pocket reference for copper clad buildings throughout Europe. This tool is the best way to browse, enjoy, locate and learn about contemporary architectural projects using copper or its alloys.

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