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Interview with Pollard Thomas Edwards architects

Chris Hodson discusses the transparency and materiality of the Deptford Lounge facades with Hamish Kilford-Brown, Project Architect at Pollard Thomas Edwards architects.

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Copperconcept in Europe – take a Google Earth tour!

The "CopperConcept in Europe" Google Earth tour highlights some of Europe's most remarkable and interesting contemporary architectural designs that feature copper or copper alloy roofing, cladding and other architectural elements. See the list of fantastic 'copper' buildings below. Each of the buildings featured in the tour also appears in more detail in the References section of our website. 

Professor Inger Odnevall Wallinder

Copper architecture and the environment

What do architects need to know about the patination of copper on buildings and its effect on rainwater runoff and the environment? Architect Chris Hodson asks a leading expert for some straightforward answers.

European Copper in Architecture Awards 15

European Architectural Awards Winners Announced

Winners of the European Copper in Architecture Awards 15 were announced at a presentation ceremony in Brussels on 27th September. With 66 entries – the highest so far – and generally exhibiting a high standard of design, the Awards are a celebration of the very best in contemporary European architecture and recognition of the influence of copper in modern design.

The Cu+ symbol helps designers look out for products that mare made from Antimic

The Cu+ symbol helps designers look out for products that mare made from Antimicrobial Copper touch surface material

Copper - Keeping Disease Away

The UK’s Copper Development Association (CDA) is at the forefront of promoting research and development into the antimicrobial effects of copper. CDA Director Angela Vessey discusses the implications for interior design, architectural ironmongery and fittings – particularly in healthcare buildings. But this unique capability of copper could have much wider implications for the design of all types of buildings.

Helsinki Children's Hospital, Finland

Photo: Matti Kallio

Transparent Copper - Extensions to Helsinki Children's Hospital

Two new contemporary interventions within the courtyards of an important health building incorporate distinctive copper slatted facades to maintain both transparency and architectural independence.

Welsh Assembly Government Building, Wales

Photo: Welsh Assembly Government and Infinite 3D

Green Building with Copper - Sustainable New Offices in Wales

Copper cladding plays an important role in a new 8,800 m2 regional office for the Welsh Assembly Government at Llandudno Junction, recognised as the ‘greenest’ public building in Wales last year.

The Christie, Manchester, UK

Photo: David Oates

Brass Bands - Chemotherapy Centre, UK

The new patient treatment centre at The Christie in Manchester, UK, is home to the largest early clinical trials unit in the world, the largest chemotherapy unit in the UK and The Christie Clinic private patients suite to help boost NHS income.

Chapel of St Lawrence, Finland

Architecture and Mourning

Avanto Architects’ award winning Chapel of St. Lawrence, Vantaa, Finland is based on the concept of ‘the Path’, depicting a Christian’s journey from here to eternity. But it also most successfully reconciles the emotional needs of mourners with the pragmatic demands of funerals.

Council of Europe Building, Strasbourg

Photo: Art & Build, Brussels

Euro Copper - Sustainable New Offices in Strasbourg

The ‘Agora’ administration building for the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, completed in 2008, is proud of its impressive environmental credentials – and copper plays an important part.

City Library in Luckenwalde, Germany

Photo: Andreas Meichsner

Golden Library

An abstract geometric form clad in golden copper alloy raises the profile of a railway station building now converted to the City Library in Luckenwalde, Germany.

Copper Chronosphere

Photo: Janne Juhola

Copper Chronosphere

There are no excuses for being late in Grumello del Monte, near Bergamo in Italy, with this massive clock defined by a golden copper alloy cylinder.

Nordahl Grieg Secondary School

The Nordahl Grieg Secondary School

Early in 2006, Hordaland County, on the west coast of Norway, instigated an architectural competition for the design of a new high school in the Sörås district of Bergen. The winners – against stiff competition from seven other entries – were the architects LINK.

Edificio de la diputación provincial de Turku, Finlandia

Exemplary Recycling of Copper

The County Administrative Building in Turku, Finland, has been re-clad using the very same copper material originally installed in the 1960s – an impressive demonstration of the extremely long-term value of copper as an asset to buildings.

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