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Copper Architecture Forum magazine 39/2015 published


This issue features the results of the 2015 European Copper in Architecture Awards. We want to take this opportunity to congratulate all those who have received awards or were shortlisted, and thank everyone who entered.

One trend that our panel of architect judges picked up on from the Awards is the growing diversity of building types where copper plays a leading role – with a sports hall, office tower, ferry terminal buildings and individual homes, alongside prominent public buildings traditionally more associated with copper, all within the Shortlist.
Several of the Awards projects (pages 4 – 11) have been covered in previous issues and you can explore them again via copperconcept.org. But one entry, an Alpine villa in Italy (pages 12 – 17) is considered in detail and reveals a robust design response to its stunning location. Apart from the Awards, architectural diversity continues with an uncompromising city-centre supermarket in the UK (pages 18 – 21) clad entirely in bronze and glass. Perhaps even more surprising is the transformation from engineering to architecture of a pumping station in northern Germany (pages 22 – 23) with pierced golden copper alloy cladding.
The public archive building typology presents particular challenges for designers and the Awards include a fine interpretation (page 11). It makes an interesting comparison with another example in Nuremberg, Germany (pages 24 – 27). Here, a carefully detailed and vertically structured copper box is separated by glazing from its sandstone base. This ‘copper on top’ approach has also been adopted for a cultural centre in Sweden (pages 28 – 31), where a golden copper alloy crown surmounts the simple white box below.
New opportunities with perforated metals continue to fascinate designers and copper is no exception. Maximising freedom of expression, the façade of a spa in Zaragoza, Spain (pages 32 – 33) uses the technology to generate complex patterns and images, with a similar approach used internally for screens to rooflights. More perforated copper and another spa – this time part of a water-side development near Oslo (pages 34 – 35). Here, the pattern of perforations is repeated to generate a uniting theme throughout the complex. Our last project is probably the most unusual of all: a floating, copper-clad restaurant (pages 36 – 39) in Helsinki.  There really are no limits to the architectural potential of copper.

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