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Copper and the Home Competition 2018

Istituto Europeo del Rame

Copper and the Home is a biennial competition established in 2006 that challenges the minds of young designers, architects, engineers and students across Europe to explore and harness the properties of copper that make it essential to modern living, and reimagine how it can improve our lives and enhance our daily routines through creative design.

The competition highlights the beauty and versatility of a fascinating, multifaceted material, which can add both aesthetic and technical value to the most daring projects. This year, it especially celebrates the contributions copper can make to a sustainable future.

Copper and the Home invites creative mind to design objects that combine function and splendour, highlighting and harnessing the properties of copper, from electrical and thermal conductivity, hardness, strength and ductility to its recyclability and long-treasured beauty. Beyond that, its ability to alloy with a wide range of metals opens the doors to a world of brass, bronze, cupronickel and many more metals.

Entries to Copper and the Home should place copper, or a copper alloy, at their heart, using the red metal’s properties to great effect.


The object designed must be intended for domestic use, or use in offices, shops, schools, hospitals or public buildings. As an example, it could fit one of these categories:

  • Furniture
  • Kitchen goods
  • Furnishing accessories
  • Coverings and decorations (indoor and outdoor wall coverings, floors, dividing walls, shieldings, doors, etc.)
  • Functional elements
  • Technical elements related to renewables and energy savings 

Whilst it is possible to integrate other materials into the project, copper or copper alloys must form a major and significant part of it, particularly highlighting the sustainability and recyclability of copper.

The project should celebrate the technical, aesthetic and expressive potential of copper and its alloys, and be suitable for mass production.

The Jury will consider technological innovations related to the production cycle of the object amongst other evaluation criteria.


The competition is open to all those born after October 31st 1978 and features two categories:

  1. Designers, architects, engineers – participating individually or in a group – as well as graduate employees working in these fields.
  2. Individual students, or groups, attending:
  • a higher education school of interior design or interior decorating;
  • a faculty of architecture, engineering or interior design;
  • a masters degree, doctorate or an equivalent qualification in the above fields.

Students must have their written certification signed by a course teacher.

Projects must be received no later than October 31st 2018 (the e-mail date will be used as proof).

Participation in the competition is free of charge.

The submission of a project by the date mentioned above (see the deadline) is considered a tacit request to participate in the competition.

A brief report detailing the aesthetic/technical motivations for the use of copper or its alloys for the object must be included for all projects. This should be a maximum of 2000 alphanumeric characters in Word or PDF format. 

It is possible to submit up to two entries, providing they are sent separately. Each submission must contain only one project. Variations of the same project (i.e. a table lamp and a floor lamp) will not be considered different projects.

No sent material will be returned.


Projects should be emailed exclusively to: info@agenziacopyright.it

Agenzia Copyright will respond to candidates by email upon receipt of the project, and will then prepare a chronological list of all entries and forward the projects – in an anonymous form – to the Jury.

Projects must be submitted by email and the files must have the following features:

Drawings and photos in JPG or PDF format (in high-definition – 300 dpi – and a minimum size of 21x29.7 cm), which can be read by the most common software with a Windows® or Mac® operating system.
A report in Word or PDF format, with a maximum of 2000 alphanumeric characters.
The project (drawing, photos and technical reports) should be marked with a logo or a pseudonym. It is forbidden to include the author’s name.       

A copy of the competition notice can be downloaded from www.copperalliance.it

Any project that does not meet the above criteria will not be accepted.

Projects in development, yet to be marketed as of the closing date of September 30th 2018, may also be submitted to the competition.


All participants – including every single member of a group – must enclose the following documents:

A copy of a valid identity card or passport
Signed authorisation for the processing of personal data (see Form A1, available on www.copperalliance.it)
The e-mail address for receipt confirmation and any further communications.


In addition to the previously-mentioned requirements, each student must send an official certification that they are currently enrolled on a relevant course, and written confirmation from a course or head teacher that they served as the project co-ordinator (see Form A2, available on www.copperalliance.it).


The following prizes may be awarded:

Designers, Architects and Engineers Category

1st Prize:   €4,000
2nd Prize:  €2,500

Student Category

Prize: €1,500

A special plaque will be awarded to the school whose course is considered to have most effectively addressed the competition.

In addition to the listed prizes, the Jury may assign special prizes and mentions based on its final judgement, rewarding the entry that best emphasises copper’s contribution to sustainability and energy saving, and its recyclability.


The Jury will be composed of three professionals in the field of architecture and design:

Massimo Curzi architect
Matteo Ragnidesigner
Marco Romanelliarchitect and critic

The projects will initially be examined anonymously by the Jury and only later will they be associated with the participant’s name.

The Jury will meet at Istituto Europeo del Rame (IER) headquarters, or another location otherwise deemed appropriate.

The Jury will keep minutes of its proceedings, and its decisions are to be considered final and irrevocable.

After the judging has taken place, winners will be notified by email.

IER is not bound to disclose the reason for any exclusions made by the Jury.

AND THE AWARD GOES TO...                 

The location and date of the Award Ceremony are to be confirmed.

The competition results will be published on IER’s website and via press releases sent to magazines and specialist websites.


The project authors are solely responsible for any copyright or intellectual property violation. In cases of clear violations, IER will immediately exclude the project from the competition.

The project authors remain the sole owners of the intellectual property rights concerning their projects.

The authors, by participating in the competition, authorise IER, with no charge whatsoever, to display any submitted projects during exhibitions and events connected with the competition, to use the projects in any publication the organisers deem necessary and/or appropriate, and to use them for advertising purposes on the internet.

The intellectual property rights of the projects submitted by individuals employed by a third party are regulated by their respective working contracts.


Personal data submitted with the projects will be processed by Istituto Europeo del Rame and Agenzia Copyright for the sole purpose of analysing and evaluating the projects.

They may be disclosed to third party suppliers only for purposes strictly connected to the competition, and divulged only in connection with the publication of articles in magazines or online media.

In accordance with European privacy laws (protection of individuals or other subjects with regard to the treatment of personal data) we request explicit authorisation (Form A1) from all participants for the processing of their personal data. Said authorisation is necessary in order to participate in the competition.


Details of the competition can be found on the IER website:



Download Forms A1 and A2 on IER website:


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