And the winner of the iPad is .....


Davide Vignati is the winner of an iPad mini thanks to casting his vote for the Public Choice of "Copper in Architecture" award 

The Public Choice category was part of the 2016 European Copper in Architecture Awards.  Visitors to the website site could vote their favorite building from among the 10 shortlisted projects. Davide Vignati, an Italian computer expert, was drawn from all of the entrants as the lucky winner.

Firstly, out of curiosity: Why would a non-architect be interested in copper?

I have been fond of copper for many years, since I started using it at school,  as an electrical conductor: I studied electronics and now I am a computer expert. So, I have always been surrounded by copper and have always liked to have objects, like pieces of copper wire around me. In the last few years, having bought a new apartment and having to  furnished it , I got fond of interior design and of the use of this metal there, appreciating products such as chandeliers by Tom Dixon.

The use of copper in architecture made me look further and I found it interesting to follow the news in the use of copper as an architectural material.  I now subscribe to the newsletter – which  I discovered just by looking for information about the uses of copper.

What do you especially like about copper?

I have always appreciated everything that characterizes copper: its malleability, high electrical conductivity and, above all, color. I think it's one of the most aesthetically attractive metallic materials. Being fond of High Fidelity, I handle it quite often.

Let’s talk about the award: which project did you vote for?

My vote went to the project "Great James Street, London, UK”. The main thing that made me make this choice is the perfect combination of aesthetic beauty of the project and the perfect integration with the other materials characterizing the building. The top view of the copper roof it is so fascinating that leaves admired.

I also appreciated the winning project "A modern merchant's house, Copenhagen, Denmark," thanks to  the "embroidery" working  of the sheets  and the intelligent arrangement of the shutters; then,  the "Ferry Terminal, Stockholm, Sweden', for the originality of colors and materials chosen for the covering, among others. I cannot deny that it took a lot of thinking to reach the final choice, I had to look through  some projects several times, in order to find the “plus”  that led me in the conclusive vote.

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And the winner of the iPad is .....And the winner of the iPad is .....

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