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Photo: Aurubis

Module D mandatory in Environmental Product Declarations (EPD): efficiently recycled building materials are crucial for Circular Construction

Important changes to European environmental certification now recognise the contribution an infinitely recyclable material like copper can make to the circular economy, and will help specifiers to select the most sustainable materials.

Copper Architecture Forum magazine 46/2019 published


Focusing on a single material – as we do here with copper in all its forms – enables illuminating comparisons of different architectural approaches by different designers. A common thread in this issue is the designer’s fascination with copper as a living, changing material, often reflecting a building’s context, whether historical or geographical.

Copper Architecture Forum magazine 45/2018 published


As usual, we showcase a range of inspirational projects from around Europe and beyond. But what stands out in this issue is the diversity of approaches to materiality in design, combining copper with other high-quality materials.

Copper Architecture Forum magazine 44/2018 published


In this issue, we focus on some of the fresh opportunities in contemporary design being explored by architects, taking copper and its alloys beyond the numerous established surfaces, forms and installation systems available today. 

Architectural Copper and Environmental Performance

Before assessing the environmental benefits of architectural copper, it’s worth going back to basics. Copper is a natural element within the earth’s crust which has been incorporated into living organisms throughout the evolutionary process. It is an essential nutrient required by virtually all higher life forms and nature is well adapted to making best use of copper, protecting itself from any negative effects. This applies at the most basic levels right up to the most complex metabolic functions of the human body. It also holds true with the long-term effects of copper on buildings.

Copper and the home: winner - il rame e la casa 2018: i vincitori

I vincitori delle precedenti edizioni dal 2007 al 2016

Copper and the Home Competition 2018

Copper and the Home is a biennial competition established in 2006 that challenges the minds of young designers, architects, engineers and students across Europe to explore and harness the properties of copper that make it essential to modern living, and reimagine how it can improve our lives and enhance our daily routines through creative design.

Copper Architecture Forum magazine 43/2017 published

It is a pleasure to open this issue with the results of the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards. But there is far more to read as well, with a wide selection of other projects from around Europe and well beyond, and our second ‘Copper Inside’ interior design supplement. 

Maersk Tower. Photo: Adam Mork

Architectural Copper Awards Winners Announced

The results of the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 have just been announced. The Maersk Tower research complex in Copenhagen, designed by C.F. Møller Architects and characterised by its grid of copper fins, was the outright winner. Two infrastructure projects were Commended and the Hydropolis water sculpture pavilion in Wrocław, Poland, received the Public Choice prize.

Copper Architecture Forum magazine 42/2017 published


The diversity of surfaces offered by copper and its alloys today is greater than ever. It is important to appreciate the living nature of the material and its evolving appearance on buildings, driven by local environments. In this and future issues, we aim to show changes over time with featured projects –
and more can be found at copperconcept.org.

Craig Casci (GRID Architects, London), Maxime Enrico (LAN, Paris), Ebbe Waehrens (BBP ARKITEKTER, Copenhagen) and Ville Hara (Avanto Architects, Helsinki).

Judging the Awards

Eight diverse projects from across Europe have been shortlisted for the 2017 European Copper in Architecture Awards. This article gives a preview of the shortlist and a glimpse inside the judging process.

Museum of Art, Ahrenshoop, Germany, photo: Christian Richters/KME February 2014, Material: Brass

How copper and copper alloys surface appearances evolve

A new feature on our website demonstrates the evolution of copper and copper alloy surfaces on buildings in different locations throughout Europe.

European Copper in Architecture Awards Open for Entries

Extended Deadline, you have until 12th May to submit your project.

Architects are being called to showcase their most arresting copper and copper alloy designs as the European Copper in Architecture Awards 18 opens for entries.

A' International Design Award & Competition

A' International Design Award & Competition

Call for Entries to the A' International Design Award & Competition

Copper and its alloys such as brass and bronze are increasingly used in the word of design thanks to their instantly-recognisable beauty and extraordinary versatility. We would like to draw attention of designers working with copper to enter A' Design Award & Competition.

Copper Architecture Forum magazine 41/2016 published


As usual, this issue presents some of the best architecture from around Europe. It showcases the rich variety of surfaces that copper and its alloys can deliver for contemporary design – whether gold, brown, green or blue – all living materials continuing to develop in the local environment. But what stands out from our eleven projects is the wealth of different, sometimes innovative, approaches taken by designers today with how and where they use copper.

All things copper at 100% Design Show

The 2016 100% Design Show held in London in September proved yet again that interior designers are still making the most of the properties and colours available through copper, brass and bronze.

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