Copper in a Box

Copper in a Box at 100% Design

From 18th – 21st September, 100% Design, will host the Copper in a Box exhibition as part of London Design Week, underscoring the growing importance of copper in contemporary design.  Dozens of objects will be exhibited on Stand L170, created by renowned international designers including Tom Dixon, Voon Wong & Benson Saw, Ilse Crawford and Ingo Maurer.

Copper Architecture Forum now available as iBook

Issue number 2013/34 has been formatted into an appealing iBook that provides all the pleasure of reading an inspiring magazine on an iPad.

Shortlisted projects announced for the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards

An international team of architect judges has shortlisted ten projects for the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards, a celebration of the very best in contemporary architecture. The winners will be announced at a dedicated event during the international BATIMAT show in Paris, with an exhibition of entries throughout the show from 4th to 8th November.

Clarion Post Hotel - Interview with Professor Magnus Månsson, Owner of architects Semrén & Månsson

Chris Hodson discusses the Clarion Post Hotel with Professor Magnus Månsson, Owner of architects Semrén & Månsson

Copper’s Contribution to Improving the Environmental Performance of Buildings

Copper based products improve the economic and environmental performance of multiple applications in energy, transportation and buildings.

Race Cottam Associates

Sheffield Copper

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is one of the UK's most common life-threatening inherited diseases, affecting some 8,500 children, teenagers and young adults.  Hospital treatment is complex and lengthy and, whilst in hospital, patients are isolated from family and friends and removed from their normal lives.  Pseudomonas aeruginosa chest infections are of particular concern as the organism has been shown to be transmissible between people with CF, so it was important that the new facility be designed with premiere infection prevention measures firmly in mind.

Ronald McDonald House of Charleston

4 antimicrobial installations from around the world

Self-disinfecting surfaces such as copper are a significant step forward in reducing infection-causing microbial bioloads on clinical surfaces.  The question we should ask is: why select a non-antimicrobial surface when we now know that some naturally-occurring metals, such as copper, have this intrinsic antimicrobial activity?

French ‘Prohibition Kit’ Wins Copper and the Home 2012

First prize in the international Copper and the Home 2012 design competition has been awarded to Francesco Morackini of France for his project: Prohibition Kit.  The jury’s unanimous decision was based on the graphical care of Francesco’s design for an alcohol distillery disguised as a collection of everyday objects – a playful reference to the Prohibition Era, when alcohol was banned.  The presentation of prizes was made at a ceremony at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

Interview with Pollard Thomas Edwards architects

Chris Hodson discusses the transparency and materiality of the Deptford Lounge facades with Hamish Kilford-Brown, Project Architect at Pollard Thomas Edwards architects.

Property of ItalG, images courtesy of KME Group

Copperconcept in Europe – take a Google Earth tour!

The "CopperConcept in Europe" Google Earth tour highlights some of Europe's most remarkable and interesting contemporary architectural designs that feature copper or copper alloy roofing, cladding and other architectural elements. See the list of fantastic 'copper' buildings below. Each of the buildings featured in the tour also appears in more detail in the References section of our website. 

Professor Inger Odnevall Wallinder

Copper architecture and the environment

What do architects need to know about the patination of copper on buildings and its effect on rainwater runoff and the environment? Architect Chris Hodson asks a leading expert for some straightforward answers.

European Copper in Architecture Awards 15

European Architectural Awards Winners Announced

Winners of the European Copper in Architecture Awards 15 were announced at a presentation ceremony in Brussels on 27th September. With 66 entries – the highest so far – and generally exhibiting a high standard of design, the Awards are a celebration of the very best in contemporary European architecture and recognition of the influence of copper in modern design.

The Cu+ symbol helps designers look out for products that mare made from Antimic

The Cu+ symbol helps designers look out for products that mare made from Antimicrobial Copper touch surface material

Copper - Keeping Disease Away

The UK’s Copper Development Association (CDA) is at the forefront of promoting research and development into the antimicrobial effects of copper. CDA Director Angela Vessey discusses the implications for interior design, architectural ironmongery and fittings – particularly in healthcare buildings. But this unique capability of copper could have much wider implications for the design of all types of buildings.

Helsinki Children's Hospital, Finland

Photo: Matti Kallio

Transparent Copper - Extensions to Helsinki Children's Hospital

Two new contemporary interventions within the courtyards of an important health building incorporate distinctive copper slatted facades to maintain both transparency and architectural independence.

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