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Secondary school, Strømmen, Norway

Secondary school, Strømmen, Norway

This compact, low energy secondary school for 450 students uses pre-oxidised, profiled copper cladding to celebrate its locality. Thomas Landenberg, a partner in White...

Prepatinated Copper Facade

Westfield Student Village, Queen Mary University of London, UK

One of the largest new student residence schemes in Britain, designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects, includes very different styles of copper cladding on two major...

The Royal Playhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark, Facades, Copper

The Copenhagen Royal Playhouse, Denmark

The Royal Playhouse, located on the harbour front in Copenhagen, takes form as a pronounced, yet respectful, completion of the surrounding urban structure.

Sven-Harry’s Museum, Sweden

Sven-Harry’s Museum, Sweden

Conceived as a shrine, securing its valuable content behind solid sheets of metal, stands the museum for Sven Harry Karlsson next to Vasaparken in Stockholm. Karlsson is the...

Svalbard Science Centre, Norway

Svalbard Science Centre, Norway

The project was commissioned through an invited competition. The new structure is an addition to an existing university and research building, which is extended to about 4...

Borgarfjordur College, Borgarnes, Iceland, Facade, Pre-oxidised

Borgarfjordur College, Iceland

In Borgarnes, a small town 75km north of Reykjavík, the Borgarfjordur College was founded and is owned by the local community where it also functions as a cultural house for...

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Just a cursory glance at the Contents page illustrates the range of architectural expression enabled by copper and the enthusiasm of designers in seeking out new possibilities for the material.

Entries are now invited for the 2015 European Copper in Architecture Awards 17 - a showcase for architects designing with copper and its alloys to promote their work to an international audience. The final deadline for receipt of entries is 30th April 2015

Specifying durable and effective antimicrobial materials for healthcare design is becoming increasingly important in light of growing antimicrobial resistance and the need to improve infection control.  A new CPD presentation helps architects to understand the challenges of infection control and the solution antimicrobial copper touch surfaces provide.


We open this issue with the results of the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards and make no apologies for reminding ourselves of the outstanding quality of the shortlisted and award winning projects, as well as the diverse applications of copper on display

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Designers tell us why they like to work with copper and copper alloys. Paul Kelley Ltd talk about their copper block furniture, Greg Dry of Egg Designs talks about his use of brass for a chandelier and Philip Watts Design describe their use of copper alloys, and now copper, for door furniture.

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