Copper Design Showcased at the Triennale di Milano

Copper – interpreted in many different forms and applications spanning architecture, design and technology – is the theme of a new exhibition at Milan’s Triennale Design Museum. Entitled ‘Copper Crossings, Copper Shapes in Contemporary Art, Design, Technology and Architecture’, the exhibition opens on 15 September at 19:00 and will be on display until 9 November


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Teatro Vicar, theatre, copper, brass, facade

Teatro Vicar, Spain

One of the basic intentions of the project was to improve the conditions of the site. It’s like a urban piece where the public space penetrates, joins and complements the theatre.

Perth Concert Hall, Scotland, UK

Copper roofing and cladding plays a major role in the architectural composition of Scotland’s new 1200-seat Perth Concert Hall.

copper facade

The Women's Library, UK

The Womens Library is on the site of a derelict Victorian wash house, in Old Castle Street, Aldgate, London. The existing locally listed façade to the wash house was retained and the new building form is generated from a response to this context.

Platform of Arts and Creativity, Guimarães, Portugal

The buildings that make up the Municipal Market and the space defined by them, commonly referred to as "the square", a name inherited from market square are, as a unit, characteristic elements of the urban landscape of the city of Guimarães. The...

Cultural and media centre, Gournay en Bray, France

This new cultural and media centre in the rural Normandy town of Gournay en Bray in northern France takes its cue from the forms of local buildings transformed into modern interventions, characterised by slate surfaces and glazing veiled by expanded...

Editor's choice

Museum of Historical Marksmanship, Duderstadt, Germany

The essence of a medieval town, from twisted spires to timberframed houses bent over by age, is embodied in the new Museum of Historical Marksmanship, Duderstadt, described here by its designers Gnädinger Architekten.